Shairbliss Song Samples

Hun € Luve (Produced by Da Gumbo Kooker feat R. Artis)

Hun € Luve Gumbo Mix (Produced by Da Gumbo Kooker feat R. Artis)



New bluesy Soul Artist Shairbliss (Shar-blesse), a Queen of soul, has a sexual healing that spiritually connects her with her audience, mesmerizing them with such a sensation of enjoyment. This young Sassy Queen has a unique, funky, smooth, groovy, soulful and bluesy swag. Her new hit single, Hun € Luve, is making a huge wave on the Southern Soul scene with a bluesy dance groove. Produced by Da Gumbo Kooker, Hun € Luve tells the ladies' side of an "old time fling.” Sassy and classy with her own original sound, and not to mention style, she is a captivating songwriter and performer, delivering songs that capture all with the idea of love.



Ms. Shairbliss (Shar-blesse) was born and raised in Pensacola, FL with a dream of becoming a singer and entertainer at a very young age. She began writing her own songs at the age of 10 and implemented dancing into her life, being inspired by her father with his groovy smooth dance moves. Her aunt also inspired her in such a unique way with her groovy sexy way of moving on the dance floor. Her unique talent landed her an opportunity to perform on Starsearch at the age of 12. Although she did not win, she was a winner because of her determination to accomplish her goals. She continues to search for success, she was not discouraged.

From Trials

Instead, she overcame the trials and tribulations of life, and turned them into pure blissful soul winning music. Today, she can be found touring with her band, The Kutz, with show-stopping performances of cover tunes and her own original music. For more information about the Artist Shairbliss, visit we hope you enjoy!